What to Wear For Your Tinder Date: 2019 Trends!

You have met a good match on Tinder and are now planning to meet him in person but what do you wear? Choosing an outfit for going on a Tinder date is especially daunting as you have not met the person and want to create a great first impression! Meeting a person online and meeting him in real life can be quite different so it is important that you make some efforts to look nice. Here are ten ideas to try when you are struggling to find what to wear on a Tinder date:

1. Culottes with a quirky top:

1. Culottes with a quirky top

Culottes are a rage this season and they add an element of fun to your outfit without making it look too casual. Pair a nice pair of culottes which flatter your body with a quirky top that makes a statement. Matching culottes with the top will make it look too formal so avoid going dressed like it is a boardroom meeting.

2. Skinny black trousers with silk top:

2. Skinny black trousers with silk top

This combination can never go wrong. You can either go with satin trousers or leather trousers to give it a slimmer look to your body and go with a casual straight silk top which makes the outfit look sensual and flirty. Wear it with sky-high heels to get this started on a jaw-dropping note.

3. Printed Shirt Dress with flat ankle boots:

3. Printed Shirt Dress with flat ankle boots

If it is a casual brunch or lunch date, go for a printed shirt dress with a chunky belt and some flats to keep it comfortable and chic. Casual summer dresses make you look effortlessly stylish and look like you just threw them on for a date. Go with minimal bohemian accessories to complete the look.

4. A-Line Skirt with a flirty top:

 4. A-Line Skirt with a flirty top

Transform your outfit from a boring work-wear to a stylish drinks outfit in minutes by pairing an A-line skirt with a ruffle top. Do not go for a very tight skirt which will make you look uncomfortable in the outfit and anything which makes you look like you tried too hard is not good for a Tinder date.

5. Strappy Romper:

5. Strappy romper

Dial up the flirt with a strappy romper and add some accessories to add multiple elements to the outfit. Go with flats or converse shoes to keep the outfit simple and comfortable. Do not go for very revealing outfits on your first date on Tinder as this can give a wrong idea to your date.

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6. Wide-legged high-waist pants with crop top:

6. Wide-legged high-waist pants with crop top

Go retro with a pair of wide-legged pants and a crop top and pair them up with oversized sunnies to make your outfit look straight out of a classic movie. Since the pants are high-waist, go with a crop top that reveals just a tiny bit of your toned belly to give him a glimpse of your uber-sexy body without coming across as someone who is not interested in a meaningful relationship.

7. Front-tie plunge blouse with ripped denims:

7. Front-tie plunge blouse with ripped denims

Front-tie blouses work well with any fitted pair of denims and the combination is apt for a Tinder date where you have to look glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Opt for a plunge top and wear a dainty long necklace with it to complete the outfit.

8. Polka-dot tea dress:

 8. Polka-dot tea dressPolka dots are making a comeback in a big way and short tea dresses are great for summer dates. You can wear knee-high boots or a pair of strappy sandals with the dress for some added styling but do not wear a lot of accessories which can take away the simplicity of the dress.

9. Double-breasted blazer with sleek denims:

9. Double-breasted blazer with sleek denims:This is a great outfit idea for a Tinder date scheduled in a more formal setting. It might be a dinner or a party date and a double-breasted casual blazer in a fun hue would make for a perfect outfit idea. Replace the trousers with a pair of fitted denims that go with the blazer to make the outfit go from drab to fab in seconds.

10. Casual shorts with a Statement T-Shirt:

10. Casual shorts with a Statement T-Shirt

Create an effortless first impression by pairing your favourite shorts with a bold and dramatic T-shirt which echoes your views. Do not with very short shorts but keep it casual and understated chic for the occasion. Choose a cool and comfortable T-shirt which will become a conversation starter on your first Tinder date.

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So these were the ten great outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear on your Tinder date once you have found a great match online. Do not choose an outfit which requires a lot of work or is very tight and uncomfortable. Wear something which suits your personality and makes you look and feel nice about yourself as a person who is confident and comfortable in her own personality projects a confident image as well.

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