What Outfits to Wear For Instagram Pictures

Love it or hate it, but you cannot avoid the most popular photo-sharing app that is Instagram. This app has turned everybody into a photographer with its filters and presets. Millions of fashion influencers are booming on the platform because of their stunning images which inspire their followers to follow certain fashion trends. If you are struggling to find something appropriate to wear for Instagram photos so that your feed looks like something straight out of a fashion magazine, here are ten tips that will help you decide what to wear on Instagram:

1. Choose an outfit that you love and are comfortable in.

comfortable outfit

Instagram is all about showing off your personality and your unique fashion sense. People will only get inspired if they see you being comfortable in your own skin and not adhering to the strict fashion codes. If you are a creative person, you can go for a flowy dress or a basic T-shirt & jeans and still look amazing.

2. Go for bright and sunny colours which look best in photos.

bright and sunny outfits

Go bold with colours. People love seeing bright outfits that add a pop of colour to their feed and colours generally attract more attention than dull outfits. If you do not want to go all bold, add a pop of colour with a bag or a red lipstick to transform your outfit completely.

3. Do not be too revealing or provocative in your outfit choices.

revealing or provocative outfit

While it is a social media platform and gives full right to everybody to post whatever they want, Instagram takes nudity very seriously and does not like very provocative outfits as they get reported by the users. It is completely ok to wear sexy outfits but keep a hold on the revealing nature of your outfits as this can get your account banned.

4. Work with different silhouettes to create diversity.

Instagram outfit example 4

The attention span of the millennial generation is extremely short and they will get bored of your feed if you keep posting similar outfits. Experimentation is the key as people will love seeing you trying new silhouettes outside your comfort zone. For example, if you have a short height, wear something that is otherwise not preferred by short people and show them how to style it in their favour.

5. Mix n match your outfits to avoid buying new outfits for every picture.

Instagram outfit example 05

You do not have to spend a huge amount of money to look good on Instagram. Creating different styles with the same piece of clothing is what makes you look unique. Wear a pair of cigarette pants with a crop top and then style the same pair of pants with a fitted blazer or a knitted cardigan to create a different look.

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6. Get your accessories game on point.


Instagram is all about how you style your outfit with the best accessories. Get a great bag to go with your jumpsuit or a chunky belt for your shift dress so that people can get an idea of how to transform a simple outfit into a classy and chic ensemble with just accessories.

7. Layer your elements to make it look like you put a ton of efforts.

Instagram outfit example 07

Layering is the key when dressing up for Instagram. You can wear any of your favourite items of clothing with other pieces to create different outfits each day. Knitted sweaters and cardigans along with a fitted T-shirt and pants look good together so play with these elements to get different outfits with the same pieces.

8. Go graphic with tees paired with chic denims.

graphic tees

Graphic T-shirts and denims photograph well and make a bold statement through just a picture. They also make you look slimmer and fitter if the T-shirt is of the perfect size. This combination is so comfortable that you can get great shots with it for your Instagram profile.

9. Pair one heavy element with a light complementary element.

outfits for instagram

Do not go overboard with all the bling and heavy clothing pieces. If one of your clothing elements has an eye-catching detail or pattern, go with plain elements to emphasize that detail. When you wear too many patterned pieces or heavy elements together, your outfit looks a bit clumsy and crowded which can look unappealing in photos.

10. Go easy on the jewellery if you want to focus more on the clothes.

chunky cuff

Too many cluttered clothing pieces paired with a lot of jewellery just spell disaster. People will label you as a show-off rather than a fashionable person. A statement cuff or a dainty necklace is the most you should wear if you are going creating a statement with your clothing pieces.

So these were ten easy yet important tips that you should follow when you are dressing up for Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing app and a picture says a thousand words. Your pictures will reflect your personality and shoddy outfit pictures will just make people think that you do not know how to dress-up properly. These tips will help you get your style right in just a few simple steps.

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