As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and your online dating profile picture needs to be your absolute best to get more attention. Making a Tinder profile is easy but choosing a picture for your profile is a time-taking task as you need to see it from all angles and make sure that your outfit is on point too. Here are ten tips to consider when you are wondering what to wear for your online Tinder profile:


1. Wear something casual and laidback.

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Any picture which makes it look like you have put efforts in it can go against you. Choose an outfit that works in your favour and makes you look confident and elegant. A basic T-shirt in an eye-catching colour and a pair of fitted denims can do the trick.

2. Go for an outfit that you would consider wearing on your first date.

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Dress for your profile picture like you would dress up for your first date. Go for a shirt dress or a lacy skirt to get the attention from other members but make sure that you pair it up with the right accessories to create a great outfit. Take out that dress you like or a bohemian maxi to show off your curves.

3. Avoid sweatpants and lousy T-shirts.

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Keep this look saved for the subsequent home dates rather than for your profile picture. You might be very comfortable in this type of clothing but it makes you look like you do not want to take this thing seriously and have just uploaded a picture randomly.

4. Bring out the colours.

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Colours photograph well and this is something everybody knows. People are attractive towards bright and bold colours and if you are not into colours, you can wear a neutral outfit but still find a beautiful background to add some colours to your photo. This also applies vice-versa so do not go overboard with a lot of clashing colours.

5. The outfit should suit your figure and should be well-fitted.

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Choose an outfit that suits your personality and body type. Do not try to fit into an outfit that is not suited for your body type to get more attention because it works in the opposite way. Secondly, go for a well-fitted outfit that is made according to your actual measurements. It shows in the pictures.

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6. Do not choose an outfit that hides your personality.

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Some people are casual and laidback in real life but try to be a power-dressed person in their profile photo which can cause confusion for the person who sees the photo and then meets you in real life. If you are an artistic soul, do not dress like a boardroom personality and vice-versa.

7. Dress up like you are going to bump into your enemy or ex.

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Imagine that you are going to bump into your ex and dress accordingly. We dress best when we want to show it to someone that what they have missed and this can bring out some of the best photos for your online Tinder profile. Maybe your ex is there on Tinder too and will see the picture.

8. Keep the elaborate dresses away to avoid looking high-maintenance.

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Most of the people who are Tinder say that they get turned off by a profile picture if the person seems too high-maintenance and complex. Elaborate dresses and gowns are for dinner dates and not Tinder profiles. Opt for something simple like a flowy sundress or a pair of casual pants and a lace blouse to get more attention.

9. Do not opt for plunging necklines or revealing bottoms.

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While Tinder is all about meeting people for some fun, your profile picture doesn’t need to highlight it. Avoid wearing tops with plunging necklines or ripped denims which show more skin than required to give your matches something to see without revealing everything. Some peek-a-boo is always fun but do not go overboard with it.

10. Add some great accessories to the mix to highlight your outfit.

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Add a beautiful silk scarf or some one-of-a-kind quirky leather boots to your outfit to take it up a notch. These accessories will make you look well-dressed and someone who takes her fashion game seriously. Some jewelry which goes well with the outfit can also be used for the profile picture.

So this was our detailed guide on what to wear for your online Tinder profile. These tips will help you find an appropriate outfit for your profile picture that will attract more matches and will get you more attention too. While these tips are basic and easy to follow, make sure that you have fun and pose with confidence while shooting for the profile picture as this reflects in the photos.


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